Squeeky Dub


Idle Time may get you into something crazier than you thought…

Have you ever had those moments of boredom that became so intense that you just come up with the most insane ideas?

it happens pretty often to me to be honest. Often Im found sitting at my little desk having both news channels on my t.v. and watching random videos on Stumble (multi-tasking at its finest folks) and just processing the data quietly to myself with out pretty much uttering a word at all for a good 3-4 hours on end.

i think about the daily violence that occurs everywhere from the obvious fraud of a war in Iraq and the rest of the middle east, to the dealer down the street wasting a junkie for stealing some of his stash. I also think about the pure absurdities that are publicized on the air waves and network channels, useless infotainment and pretty much objectionably defined subject matter.

I think about how the mysteries of the world are starting to unravel at a marvelous pace everywhere around the world, Things are becoming amazing and its just getting started. Gadgets and Technology that we dreamed about 20 years ago is already obsolete 10 years ago! We are Starting to understand our origins more and more nowadays and we’re more open to interpreting what is there in Scientific Fact More than on the religious hearsay that is mandated to us through the higher ups.

Everything seems to be getting better though in a way, there are more free thinking radicals now and a sort of digital “Renaissance” has been occurring, which actually makes me happy, a breathe of fresh air is much needed because honestly the old ways of thinking are definitely not working anymore and i can guarantee most of you feel the same way in some aspect.

Sure i may sound like some punk on a computer who sounds like im just venting my opposition towards society as a whole and possibly alienating myself to most of you in an anti-social way, but in all truths you know in some ways its true.

Change is what the world needs, But the people have to want change and do what is necessary to accomplish any of it.

all of us can type our fury away on or laptops, desktops, mac book pro’s, and net books and tablets but we need to actually do some more.

im not calling for violence but for a far more minimalist point of view. just be Kind. plain and simple.