For A Minute There, We Lost Ourselves: Bonnaroo 2012 Recap

Frontier Psychiatrist

Bonnaroo 2012

Bonnaroo may not be real life, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful. Every year, 80,000 (approx.) crazies rage or mosey their way down to the farm in Manchester, Tennessee for an assumed relaxing period of both chill and weird. While it is a welcome vacation from commuter trains, twitter (sorry, boss), landlords and sitcom reruns, Bonnaroo is far from a beach getaway or a recharging weekend in the woods. Fortunately, the amazing performances and overall great vibes always win out in the end, and this year’s unbeatable lineup did not disappoint in the least.

The stress of Bonnaroo set in early in the week, as it mixed with the excitement and anticipation. After jamming a full week of preparation, work and writing into three days, I was already spread thin as we packed the car Wednesday evening. Our unruly 14-strong Bonna-crew (oof) was traveling from several metropolises across…

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