First Time for Everything…

Well whats to really say when its comes to something like this? Blogging? never thought i’d actually give it a shot, but now currently there’s been a alot of free time on my hands nowadays so why not do something productive for once? The Basis of this blog is just for me to share some my finds while exploring the inner workings of the Internets.  some pretty amazing things that get recorded pretty much everyday and is posted for the world to see, pretty much every single second!

Hopefully what i put up here will entertain you for the time being in which to me is a big win already.

also to just get to get my feet a little wet, im testing out the waters on actually keeping a daily blog on what been going on over here on my side of the screen (to a certain limitation: ie personal history, names, etc..) and hopefully start another little pet project in conjunction for the blog called “People off the Street” or something along those lines, which pretty much to say the least is still in its hatchling phase, but hopefully with a little dedication will grow into something worth looking at for most of you.

well thanks for taking the time to look at the “Blog”? or whatever. thanks appreciate the time



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